Rabbi Craig Wyckoff is currently the Rabbi at Congregation Tikkun Olam in Studio City, California. It is a small synagogue that was started with 30 members. He helped start the synagogue that meets once a month on the third Friday of the month. We also hold High Holiday services. Previously Rabbi Craig was the Rabbi of Congregation Shalom Bayit for 3 and ˝ years

In addition to his work at Congregation Tikkun Olam, Rabbi Wyckoff also officiates at weddings, funerals, baby naming, and memorials. He taught an adult education class for Valley Outreach Synagogue and also the youth organization for V.O.S. Rabbi Wyckoff also does couples counseling, grief counseling, and outreach work to the Jewish community. On Sunday afternoons he teaches children Hebrew class.

Rabbi Wyckoff is married to a wonderful woman, and has four children.

When he was 45 Rabbi Wyckoff had a life altering experience. He was attacked by six members of the Arian Brotherhood who left him for dead. During this ordeal he made a promise to God to give his life back to him. When he recovered he decided to fulfill his childhood wish of becoming a Rabbi

After five years of study he received his ordination privately and was licensed to officiate at weddings and funerals, and now over one hundred weddings and over twenty funerals later Rabbi Wyckoff still feels the joy and sorrow of each occasion and maintains his commitment to make each occasion personal and unique.

Rabbi Wyckoff believes that all Jews are equal and that in a world where we represent less than two percent of the population, to put labels on us that divide us seems suicidal. We are all Jews –some of us are just further along on their own spiritual path. He sees his goal as a Rabbi is to help people to understand that the ritual, without understanding and spiritualism, is as worthless as spiritualism without some rituals identifying us as Jews.

When he leads the services he explains to the congregation why we say each prayer, what the prayer means, and how it reflects in our life. Through doing this he feels he can help the congregation pray with more Kavannah.  Rabbi Wyckoff’s goal is to bring more secular Jews back into Judaism.